Sanjuro Martial Art & Fitness workshops for 2012

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Sanjuro Summer Grading 2011

Think you’ve got what it takes to grade? Our troop of members this summer did, and took over our regular home at the Tokei Centre to prove it!

Sanjuro Grading Finale

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“My Life Karate Kids” Sunday 27th March 9.15am BBC2

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Another chance to see the BAFTA nominated film which follows disabled children embarking upon a unique project that sees them train in martial arts for the first time, but there are unexpected results and the lives of the children are changed forever.

Narrated by David Tennant.

The more people give feedback to the BBC regarding this show and the issues highlighted, the greater the chance of it being given an evening slot and reaching a wider audience.
Feedback to the BBC can be given here:

Benefits of Sanjuro


Sanjuro offers all-round body conditioning and a friendly team spirit rarely seen in other fitness exercises. Sanjuro has had a significant effect on my health and fitness. It is a great class that has increased my fitness level by at least 200%. I have lost over a stone and a half in weight and I have gained confidence as a result and which is the reason I recommend it to so many people.

Martial Arts come in many forms, and as a child through to adulthood I studied Karate. I eventually got very frustrated at the ridged style of this classical form and the lack of fun. Sanjuro opened my mind to the different styles of Martial Arts as well as getting my fitness levels up.

I can honestly say that I look forward to going to the Sanjuro class and if push comes to shove, will make every attempt to move meetings, work, dinner, anything to attend these classes. Not only does this class offer a superb workout, it also provides a motivational and uplifting atmosphere that is lacking in most classes.

I am a relatively new member and have found Sanjuro an extremely enjoyable class in terms of the way in which it is tutored. Despite there being some advanced members in the class, beginners like myself are coached and encouraged and generally made to feel welcome.

For me Sanjuro provides a variety of benefits, firstly it is a great fitness class for both cardio and toning work as well as flexibility and co-ordination. Secondly Sanjuro is a recognised martial art with form and structure which allows progression in technique and performance. Thirdly the balanced teaching methods allow practice of technique and skill development, whilst also developing the ability to react to combat situations which is invaluable in providing self-defence. I also go to karate and this does NOT give you the same level and progress in benfits in terms of being better able to defend yourself.

Extremely valuable, innovative and visionary.’

Sanjuro works out the mind as well as the body, provides a learning curve with a sense of achievement, raises confidence and ultimately is fun.’

My daughter and I have been attending Sanjuro classes together for over two years. They have provided us with an opportunity to get-together regularly in an enjoyable atmosphere which teaches us a practical martial art and keeps us fit.

I started attending Sanjuro after having tried aerobics and step, on the enthusiastic recommendation of a colleague. The classes have exceeded all my expectations and I think it is fair to say that I have been juggling a busy work schedule around them ever since. I had never done martial arts before, I don’t have particular aptitude in this area, nor would I have ever contemplated it as a fitness
option. Any apprehension about attending a class with intermediate and advanced students was quickly dissipated by the atmosphere fostered by the instructors. Everyone is encouraged to try and even the more experienced students learn from training with new joiners. The class appeals to both men and women of all abilities and all ages. It is unique in its holistic approach to training: it combines an aerobics workout, strength exercises, stretching, rhythm, and martial arts.

I Have been a member of my health club for over six years, Sanjuro has been by far the best class I have ever taken. It provides a well-rounded work-out, there is a great choice of music and the instructors are all dedicated and friendly – they knew my name after the very first class! And members actually talked to each other! It is the only health club class I have ever taken where I started socialising with other members.”

I used to practice Karate for many years. I chose Sanjuro because it offers a unique training experience where people can quickly develop practical martial arts skills whilst developing a greater level of physical and mental fitness. Most of us who regularly attend the classes have become friends and the response from beginners is amazing. Most, like myself, become hooked immediately!

Fighting skills for stage and screen
Many fight directors and actors have come to study with Sanjuro with Glenn over the years because of the nature of its accessibility, emphasis on control and focus on adaption of techinque to suite the abilities of each individual.

“ I can’t tell you just how much an influence Bruce Lee had on me as a child. All of the magic of Bruce for me was the fact that he showed what a highly skilled martial artist could actually do. The choreography was realistic and exciting all at the same time (apart from the occasional off screen trampoline). His approach to his work & life made me believe that if I applied myself and with the correct attitude and training that maybe just maybe I too could do anything”.
Glenn Delikan, Founder of Sanjuro

Sanjuro is taught in a contemporary style and is a non-contact martial art where the emphasis is placed on movement and controlled technique. Music is used in every class to motivate the students.

As well as learning the Sanjuro martial art style our specially developed kids workshops teach respect for one another, self discipline, focus and improve both confidence and fitness.

Children are encouraged to find their own physical strengths and abilities and to appreciate them as well as others.
Above all we encourage children to enjoy themselves through Sanjuro “play” and use music and movement to allow them to embrace new knowledge and try new things in a safe and controlled environment. Staying fit often comes from doing what you enjoy. Fitness is a lifelong journey and we hope that your children will grow with the learning and development offered by Sanjuro.